How to Choose a Winning Clickbank Affiliate Program

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Do you know how to choose a winning Clickbank affiliate program? If youíre going to be promoting a product, itís very useful to have good solid criteria you can use to determine if the program is going to be profitable for you. Some of the key things you should look at are Gravity score, competition, the salesletter, the payout and the price. Keep reading to learn about what exactly you should look for in each area.

Gravity Score

For beginners, itís best to promote products in the 20 to 50 gravity range. These are products that have been proven to be successful sellers, but donít have an overwhelming amount of competition. These are the products you want to shoot for.

Once youíre more experienced, you can aim at the 50+ gravity range. At no point in time should you aim below 20, because most of those products just wonít make you money.

Evaluate the Salesletter

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Even if the product has a good gravity, that doesnít mean itíll sell for you. Sometimes Gravity scores are elevated by vendors artificially boosting the score by selling their own products through affiliate accounts.

Take a look at the salesletter and decide for yourself whether or not you think the product will sell.

Payout and Price

How much does the product cost and what does it pay out? As an affiliate, you should look for products that pay out at least $20 per sale. Anything below that amount generally isnít worth your time.

Believe it or not, itís as easy to sell a high ticket item as it is to sell a low ticket item. There are products on Clickbank that go for $97 – $197. If you can find a product that you believe you can promote and has a gravity of over 20, itís generally a better idea to promote that product than it is to promote a $40 product.


In addition to payout and price, one other thing you can look for is continuity. Continuity is basically a month by month membership program that will pay you commission every single month.

Again, it takes about as much effort to sell a product without continuity as it does to sell one with continuity. Except with continuity, you keep getting paid.


Is there competition thatís doing what youíre doing? Believe it or not, you actually want some competition in your area. That usually means other people are making money doing what youíre considering doing.

For example, if you plan on advertising a hypnosis product on AdWords, you want to see other advertisers selling hypnosis eBooks on AdWords. If there are no competitors, then chances are someoneís tried it before and it didnít work.

That said, you donít want to go into an over saturated niche either. Too many competitors are almost as bad as no competitors.

To Sum it Up

To sum it up, youíre looking for a medium gravity, high payout product with a good salesletter and some competition. If you can match up all these factors, then youíve got a very good product to start selling for money.

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